Date Dream Time of attempt Duration Entry Lucid Notes Detail on Entry 5 HTP Galantamine Alpha GPC Other Choline Munca L-Theanine 150 mg tablets Cocoa Melatonin other
21-08-22 Light Patterns 2:00 AM 60 minutes WILD Yes Soft easy entry, just drifted in with full awarenes Nil 8 mg 300 mg nil nil nil nil  nil
24-08-22 Dread 0200 am 40-60 MINUTES WILD Yes Lovely soft entry, coca giving a warm welcome Nil nil nil nil nil nil 3 buttons in a drink nil nil
27-08-22 Dojo 12:00 AM 90 + all up WILD Smooth easy entry. Small wrap around and there 60 mg 4 mg 300 mg nil nil nil nil nil  nil
30-08-22 Tempest 1:30 AM ? Very bright clear light in visual field on entry. Coca is has a very soft feel to it, entries are gentle and all colours are crisp Nil nil nil nil nil nil 3 Tabs nil  nil
03-09-22 Talking to 1:50 AM 60 ish After first miss a fast entry into a room full of people. Crisp and clear. Missed entry and verged on sleep, woke up instantly and went back for full lucid. Time for mixture to work approx 90 minutes. 8mg 600 mg Nil Nil nil nil nil nil