Dreams that are featured in the supplements log

Lucid approx. 60 minutes
Galantamine 8 mg Alpha GPC 300 mg
WILD entry approx 40 minutes from taking
“Light patterns”
Smooth entry, spots of light evolving into a white hole portal of light.
Just there, didn’t move and allowed images to form. Observing for a few moments to see what was presented, I bought my awareness back to the present and reached out for Marians hand and led her into the dream. We walked across the room to the glass doors, went through them and onto the balcony outside. A gentle float up to stand on the top rail and we looked down to the lawn below. There were a ornamental trees and light sculptures on display. Marian wanted to have a closer look so she floated off the rail and drifted down to the lawn. I kept another form of her with me and we gently rose up into the night sky.
I am now on a pathway that appeared in the sky and start walking toward some buildings. The path and buildings are made of a sandstone and appear to be seamless, one solid structure and has a pleasant feel to it. Entering I move down a tight hallway with no doors or exits anywhere. Nearing a dead end and not accepting this I turn to my left, touch, soften a wall. I merge with this wall and come out the other side in a room. There was a pleasant sensation as I merged and reassembled on the other side.
Seeing some small pebble sized protrusions on the walls in the new space I pluck them out and feel them in my palms. The liven up, grow into small orbs and get absorbed by my dream body. I gather several of these and move on.
I am now in a control room and some people are monitoring patterns and schematic light drawings on the walls. There are still hard sandstone walls in here, no screens but patterns of light flickering and changing as people go about there tasks. No one bothers me so I move in front of one pattern, reach out and the patters leaves the wall, folds and streams into my hands and my dream body. I gather 7 of these plans, each one sightly different and glowing in different colours. Again pleasant sensations as each one merges with me.
Softening a section of sandstone I pass through a wall to the space on the other side and into a tank of liquid, its warm and a light green tinge to it. Slightly surprise at this I and startled for an instant I gather myself and then relax and accept. I bask in the tank for a while and then wake myself.

WB2B 0200am. Strong cacao drink
Semi aware
Looking and waiting, the cacao starts to take effect, HI in lovely soft waves, clear patches of light, pulsing in an inviting way. Sharp, crisp, active, and welcoming.
Wandered into the dream, a dimly lit tunnel lined with dread. My old nemesis present in the walls. I move quietly and open myself to the feeling allowing it in, bonding, not allowing past to temper the present. An odd feeling as this force snaps into place, united again.
Notes, this dread is an energy that has been present in dreams for 40 or more years. It is invasive and I have never moved past it in the dream space, I have beaten it, been beaten by it and had it throw me out of dreams many times. Tonight I simply decided to accept it and the force went to a specific part of my dream body and snapped into place.

Wild, lucid,
Galantamine 4 mg, Alpha GPC 300mg
Tried half as much G as last time.
About 40 to 50 minutes to entry sensations


Couple of voices, some images attempting to shape up, the dream space approaches and wraps around – there, fully aware, and lucid.

In a workplace. Marian is again with me, and we are setting up an office. We poured a concrete floor over top of an existing one and Mariam sprayed lemonade over the fresh smooth concrete this fizzed away leaving a lovely, bubbled finish to the floor. After this I moved to the hallway to see who owned the voices I could hear. The people were friendly, so I left them alone and faced a wall. I asked for another space to form and said that me and dread were going to be there as keen to see how the space might evolve with my new bonding.
Walking gently along the dark void like space filled with hazy darkness we proceeded and started to feel connected, my senses coming online. Feet feeling a surface beneath, skin feeling a warm sensation and some whiteness appearing.
Now the space is a large white room, a Dojo filled with marshal artists. They are given swords and other bladed weapons; I am given a short telescoping paper tube.
Small hot stingers start raining down on me, I swipe at them with no effect until I close my eyes and feel my way to the encounter. Quickly they are now gone, and I am tuned into that inner force. Now facing the armed attackers, I quickly dispatch them, an eyes closed encounter that firms up my intuitive skills. The paper tube being a guide for those inner forces bur also not needed. Task completed I am one step closer to the next doorway.
Lucid for a while after this and spend the time running and playing till, I decide to wake myself.

Cocoa at WB2B 0200 am

Semi aware

Boat coming up the street, killer on the Tempest, it tied up next to the 3rd story balcony. I jumped down and went to meet the capt and crew. I spent some time with them and then ascended out of boat through the wheelhouse roof. I did this a couple of times.

WB2B 0200 am Galantamine 8 mg, Alpha GPC 600 mg
WILD entry, dream time approx. 60 minutes

Only had to ask

Took about 80 minutes for the combo to start working, I spend some time meditating on the concept of the right brain entity that is a part of me and possibly more in control at times. This concept has been cemented into some firm intentions by reading Anthony Peake’s works, and I want to explore this idea. I wanted to have a conversation and get to see this entity.

I get some tingling in my left calf and this changes to the same sensation in my scalp. I see some bright white HI that looks like strings and clusters of chemical bonds, thousands of them both near and far, pure white on white. This changes to images like a kid’s colouring book, outlines and shaded in places, I watched for a while until they fleshed out and a solid scene formed up.
Fully lucid in a small room with a few skippers I know, all Deepwater captains and they are talking shop. I listened for a bit and then left by going through a wall. I spend a little time in the gap between one wall and the other side as I have been curious on what that space may contain or be.

I am in a bigger room now and there are people milling around. I keep getting intense pain in my groin tonight, the same place I had a hernia fixed many years ago. It really hurts but I don’t let it ping me out of the dream, just relax into the pain and let it pass.
I have a goal tonight and a firm intention to make it happen. I want to talk to or see the right brain entity that I feel exists inside of us and is us. I feel we are one of two halves and want to explore this idea.
I see some ladies and one reaches out to cuddle me, warm and friendly and also wanting sex. She says she is a spirit and no matter what they want it can’t happen without our permission, and most people give permission without even knowing. We talk, cuddle but no sex tonight, I have other goals.

I ask to see the guide or my right brain entity. A hand comes out of space on the end of a thread or stem. It’s a small, firm hand and I reach for it. I ask what it is and a voice says it’s what I asked for. I asked for some guidance and got told I am always getting it. I want to know who or what it is and get told people sometimes call me god, but you know who and what I am as you asked for me. We talked for a while and again I got told we are connected and are always speaking. All this time the pain in my groin is getting more intense and all consuming. I still maintain lucidity and stay in the dream. I reach to the sore spot , probe the skin, and pull out a worm like creature, throw it away and the pain is gone.
All this time the hand is holding mine. It tells me I have all the answers, they are inside me and I have only to ask anytime as we are connected and all I need to do is listen to the inner guiding voice.
It tells me we are like the infinity symbol, constantly flowing and bonded. The presence quietly withdraws.
I let the dream fade and watch some lovely HI as I gently wake.