About Me

Hi, my name is Peter Maich and I am a lifelong lucid dreamer with over 45 years’ experience and many thousands of lucid and conscious dreams in the bag.

Over the years the practice of lucid/conscious dreaming has gained in popularity, now reaches a far wider audience, and is featured in many mainstream publications and other media.

One purpose of this site is to educate in some aspects of dreaming practice, entertain with a selection of dreams to assist with concepts and introduce various supplements and aids that assist with lucid/conscious dreaming.

The second purpose is to have a presence so it is possible to contact me and assist as a practitioner in any dream studies that I may be suited for.

Reach out if you wish, and all the best in your nighttime adventures.

Exploring your mind
& the world within.

About Lucid Dreaming

In the simplest statement lucid dreaming is the ability to be awake in the sleeping mind and retain full awareness of who you are and to use all your senses in what appear to be normal ways. To feel pleasure and pain and to explore.

For me there is no mystical experience involved just the ability to gain a state of mind and hold that state with awareness. This takes nothing away from the experiences and they continue to amaze and mystify me. I have no religious beliefs and my lucid dreaming is an exploration of the mind

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